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Rodney Taylor

PADI Instructor

​Rodney has been a certified diver since 1980 and was certified as a PADI Divemaster in 2014.  He also has his Enriched Air certification.  Rodney enjoys teaching Discover Scuba Diving, and Scuba Reviews.  He also enjoys assisting with Open Water and Advanced Open Water classes.  Especially working with students who need a little more one on one to learn a specific skill.  Rodney is currently working on his PADI Instructor certification and plans to have that completed this year.

Rodney enjoys diving in our Midwest lakes but his true passion is diving in the Caribbean.  He has dove the Florida Keys, Cozumel and Bonaire, and is looking forward to diving Utila this year.  He loves traveling to new counties learning about their history, culture, languages, wildlife (both marine and terrestrial) and of course their foods.

Chelsey Drake

PADI Dive Master

I started diving in 2008 because it was something that I always wanted to try. I've loved the water since I was a child and diving was a way for me to enjoy it further. Diving has become a true joy in my life; one that I love to share with others.

I've taken all of my classes and received all of my certifications through Breezeway Bubbles and could not be more pleased with my experience with this company. Through diving, I have met many fun and great people that I’m now happy to call my friends. My favorite part about diving is the travel and seeing the underwater world- a world that humans were not naturally meant to see. I’m always looking forward to adding new stamps on my passport!

​Rich Schifreen

PADI Divemaster

I thought about diving for a long time, maybe around 40 years.  I felt my allergy and sinus issues would make it impossible. One of my friends convinced me to give it a try and we talked about taking a dive trip once I was certified. Several friends recommended Breezeway Bubbles, so I signed up and passed my Open Water certification in 2013. My first trip was to Bonaire with Breezeway Bubbles in 2014 – and I was hooked!  I’ve built my dive skills, been to fabulous places and met some wonderful people.  And – I’m just getting started.

 I took the Dive Master certification to both improve my own skills and to be able to help others open the door to this new world. I am thrilled to be a part of the family at Breezeway Bubbles where Don and Casi have set a high standard of helping every student and diver based on their unique interests and capabilities. It’s rewarding to be part of such a dedicated team. So, about my allergies and sinuses – I’ve learned how to work around them.  And that trip with my friend – still haven’t made it.  But it’s a big world and there are lots of places and opportunities to dive.  I’ve got a lot of lost time to make up for.

Breezeway Bubbles Class Policy : No refunds on any courses, however, we will work with you to finish the course and will provide extra pool and class time for those that need it. Class deposits are non refundable. Late cancelations & " No Shows " will be subject to loss of deposit. Any rescheduling of missed classes without proper notice may be subject to a minimum $50 rescheduling fee. 

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James O'Keefe

PADI Dive Master

Elaine Vanderslice

PADI Dive Master


Melissa Schneider

PADI Dive Master 

I​'ve always loved the water but tried snorkeling for the first time while at Xel-Ha in Rivera Maya, Mexico on vacation in 2002! I absolutely loved it, but felt like I couldn't get close enough to see all of the amazing underwater life I was seeing for the first time. My great friends, Don and Casi encouraged me to try scuba diving, and I became certified in 2004. Scuba diving changed my life in so many positive ways and is one of my biggest passions in life! The excitement I had when I breathed underwater for the first time in the Caribbean was indescribable. It truly felt like "a whole new world" that less than 1% of the population has had the opportunity to try.  I am so grateful for Don and Casi for giving me the opportunity to help assist with new divers as a Divemaster, all of the wonderful travel experiences I have had with Breezeway Bubbles and the incredible friends and dive buddies I have made over the years.  When I am not underwater I enjoy traveling, international volunteering, baking and cooking for family and friends, yoga and being a proud Wisconsin sports enthusiast! 

Joseph Burkhart

PADI Dive Instructor

Master SCUBA Diver Trainer

Ever since I can remember I’ve been obsessed with sharks and the ocean. The goal of diving with these magnificent animals was the sole reason I began scuba diving. Since that fateful day I chose to get certified diving, I have traveled to many amazing places I only dreamed of traveling to before. Sharks remained my main focus and I have been lucky enough to dive with many species including tigers (my favorite), great hammerheads, bulls, oceanic whitetips, threshers, and whale sharks just to name a few.

I got my certification through Breezeway Bubbles in 2008 and have traveled with Don & Casi on many of their trips around the world. While traveling with them, I also advanced as a diver, all the way through Divemaster. I then spent a month in the Philippines diving with thresher sharks and becoming a PADI Instructor. Along my journey through these certifications I met my (now) wife Sarah, who also works as a divemaster through Breezeway.


I work full time in Madison as a Mechanical Designer for an engineering company. My other passion in life is writing music. I have a music project where I am writing a story as well as the music that follows along with it.

Sarah Burkhart

PADI Dive Master

I earned my Open Water SCUBA certification in 2009 and quickly fell in love with the beauty that exists underwater. For me, diving is not just an awesome adventure, but a way to meet new people, gain new experiences and travel to far away places. Its an avenue to learn about culture, and to explore areas of the world that I have always been interested in seeing. There is so much beauty in marine ecosystems, and each dive offers a unique and different experience. I am also passionate about environmental conservation and the conservation of delicate marine life. I enjoy helping new students learn about diving. Becoming a divemaster has always been a goal of mine, and I am very thankful for Don and Casi for helping me achieve this goal. I look forward to many more diving adventures with Breezeway Bubbles!

Adam Gile

PADI Instructor

​Hello everyone!  I first dove in Cancun in 2008.  I excitedly and nervously joined a group from the hotel that I was staying at.  On that first dive I was fascinated by the underwater world! Ask me about being chased by a sea turtle (I was pretty sure he wanted to play… I was wrong)! I knew then that I wanted to learn to be a diver.  I realized there was a whole new world that I could explore.  I searched for available classes and agencies and came across Breezeway Bubbles.  Don and Casi were so receptive and worked well with my crazy schedule!  I got right in and completed the Open Water classes.  After diving for a little while I learned that I wanted to do more, see more, and share more so I progressed through the classes until I became a DiveMaster.  It was then that I learned that I really enjoyed teaching and sharing this world and opportunity with all of you!  I recently went on to pursue my license as an Instructor.  If you are like me and had trouble deciding which company to go with, or even whether to commit or not, TRUST ME when I say that you will make great friends with Don and Casi, the staff, and all of the other divers that you work with.  Part of what you pay for, whether you realize it or not, is the experience and attitude of the people guiding you.  I am very proud to say that the people here at Breezeway Bubbles are amongst the most knowledgeable and qualified people in the dive community as well as the friendliest and easiest to work with.  You WILL feel comfortable, confident, and welcomed at every point throughout this journey. Everyone here will encourage and enable you to go as far as you choose!

I grew up in Monona WI and went to UW-Madison for Geospatial Information Systems as well as Human Geog.  I have a 14 year old daughter who attends school in Cambridge, where she and I live. Outside of diving I am a triathlete and an EMT. I am always looking to learn something and I look forward to learning from all of you. I am excited to hear each of your journeys! 

See you in the water!

​Rich Arriaga

PADI Dive Master

​"Ever since I was a kid growing up in Florida, I'd always wanted to become scuba certified. Not long after moving to Wisconsin, I thought, what better place to start working on that PADI Open Water certification. I first received my certification back in 2010 and as of Fall 2013, I attained my Divemaster certification. In the time in between, I've been diving on the Pacific side of Costa Rica, Florida, several places in the Caribbean, and even various locales around Wisconsin and Illinois. Diving takes you to so many different corners of the world where you get to see so many amazing things. On top of all the great things you get to see and experience, you get to meet some fantastic people from all over the world. But for me, there is nothing quite like floating virtually weightless just off the edge of a large coral wall looking out into the blue deep.

Bill Hoernke

PADI Dive Master

​Over 10 years ago, a friend asked me to join him in a scuba class because he thought he needed a buddy.  Even though he really didn’t need a buddy to take the class, I’m so happy that he asked me to join him because scuba diving has opened up a whole new world for me. Don Johnson was our instructor in the pool and explained things so that they made sense. I ended up taking more classes with Don and obtained my PADI Divemaster certification in 2006.  I still love scuba diving and seeing all of the beautiful marine life. I got hooked on underwater photography right away and it is now my favorite hobby. I love traveling around the world, diving and photographing the beautiful coral reefs and marine life.

Justin Sargent

PADI Instructor

Master SCUBA Diver Trainer

I believe that diving is a lifelong adventure. Its something that can be enjoyed by all ages, in all places.

Here close to home I’ve grabbled with 6 foot long sturgeon, wrestled mudpuppies, found treasure, noodled carp, wrestled snapping turtles, and enjoyed dives in countless area lakes through every season.

I’ve also dove clear blue tropical waters that make your spirit ache with the beauty of a miraculous palette of sparkling colors.

I began my SCUBA adventure over 25 years ago in Devils Lake . I love sharing the diving experience, and that passion has carried me all the way to Master Scuba Diver Trainer. For a number of years, I managed the Fontana SCUBA shop coordinating instruction, repairs, rentals, & sales. 

Cassandra Johnson

Owner / Instructor

Master SCUBA Diver trainer

Group Trip Planner

Cassandra has been diving since 1998 and was certified as a PADI Instructor in 2008. She has extensive dive travel planning and experience, but also enjoys introducing new students to the beautiful world of SCUBA diving. Cassandra assists Don with teaching all levels of students, and holds many dive specialty instructor certifications and is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer.

SCUBA diving is one of Cassandra's life aspirations. She enjoys a diversity of SCUBA diving and cultural experiences, and plans the group dive trips with our customer's travel dreams in mind. Negotiating directly with dive shops, resorts, airlines, and liveaboards while extensively researching each location is how she can find the hidden gems and best values possible in dive travel. 

Our group travelers enjoy a pre and post gathering for each trip that is planned. Cassandra has recently added underwater videography to her list of things that she enjoys most about SCUBA diving. 

She is also very active with the local Four Lakes Scuba club, and has cherished her time as member and President of the club over the years.

Don Johnson

Owner / PADI instructor

Master SCUBA Diver Trainer

Don Johnson has been a diver since 1993 and was certified as a PADI Instructor in October of 2001. Don teaches all levels of diving from Discover SCUBA through Divemaster. Although Don enjoys teaching advanced diving courses, his primary focus is on teaching new divers.

Don first learned to dive in Okinawa Japan while on a college internship for the Army. Don has travelled throughout the world on diving trips searching for unique sea life and taking photos. Don's favorite dive location so far has been Indonesia due to the overwhelming amount of biodiversity in fish, coral, and critters that can be found there. 

Don's passion is taking once nervous and timid students and turning them into competent PADI certified divers. Don enjoys adding humor to class and making every dive class a fun experience. Don and his wife Casi love to take students on trips to exotic locales and developing long lasting friendships through our diving experiences together. 

Andrew Burkhart

PADI Dive Master

I started diving in early 2010 with the Open Water course, and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to do Advanced Open Water later that year. I liked meeting new people, learning new skills, and feeling more confident in my abilities. I believed that I would feel even more confident in myself if I knew what to do in an emergency and how to handle potential problems, so over the next couple years I worked on completing Rescue Diver and Divemaster.

I really like helping out the instructors with the Open Water course because, not long ago, I was a beginner myself and I know what students are going through. I take diving seriously, but I like to bring a sense of humor to the classes because we are all here to have fun and enjoy scuba diving! Outside of diving, I enjoy being outdoors, playing sports, woodworking, and cheering on the Packers and Brewers. 

Breezeway Bubbles Scuba LLC - Dive Staff

​breezeway bubbles scuba llc

  • -No equipment to buy - everything is included

  • -Flexible academic class schedules

  • -Monthly Open Water courses year round

  • -Experienced & patient staff

  • -Fun - No pressure atmosphere for students

Breezeway Bubbles SCUBA LLC in Madison WI is a family owned and operated dive instruction business that prides itself on delivering top quality SCUBA diving instruction in Madison WI with personal service. We are not focused on selling equipment, instead we focus on teaching diving and we do it well by paying attention to your individual needs. 

Breezeway Bubbles SCUBA LLC was started over 20 years ago. In the fall of 2007, Don and Cassandra Johnson took over the management and dive instruction from former owners Barb and Terry Spennetta.