We carry a wide selection of snorkel and dive equipment in stock....

  • Snorkel and SCUBA diving masks & snorkels for adults and kids
  • Fins and boots in several styles and all sizes 
  • Wetsuits and Rash Guards from Small to XXXXL
  • BCD's, regulators, and dive computers
  • Underwater lights and signaling flashers
  • Safety equipment and signaling devices
  • Replacement parts and accessories for any dive & snorkeling equipment
  • Prescription dive and snorkel mask lenses in stock. 
  • We feature package deals and specials to save you money 

We let you try it, before you buy it

Madison's Best Selection of Wet Suits 

3mm full length for only $125

5mm full length for only $ 155

Before you purchase any gear, we will encourage you to take rental gear to a local pool to try the equipment underwater to ensure that it fits properly.   This gives you the confidence to know that your purchase will work perfectly. 

Madison WI wetsuits masks and fins

dive masks

SCUBA masks

Wide selection of dive masks starting at $ 39.00

Several brands, styles, and colors to choose from.

Try it in the pool before you buy for a " perfect fit" 

Standard prescription dive masks

Complete Prescription Dive Mask with your RX for as low

as $125 complete.    Even diopters only. 

Custom prescription dive masks

Custom RX lenses inserted professionally installed in any mask

Bi- Focals, Astigmatism, Near Sighted, Far Sighted.   

Professionally fitted / leak proof.     Call for pricing.  

Dive and snorkel masks

Equipment Rental s

GearDaily Weekly

Full Set of SCUBA Gear -

Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Boots, BCD, Regulator, Computer, Bag, Tank, Weights

$ 45$ 99
Tank & Weights Only$ 15$ 20
Add 2nd Tank to any Package$ 10$ 15
Wetsuit$ 15$ 30
BCD$ 10 $ 40
Regulator with Computer$ 20$ 45

Snorkel Package - 

Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Boots, Bag

$ 15$ 35 

 * Must be a certified diver to rent SCUBA equipment

630 Struck Street, MADISON WI   608-444-2085

Breezeway bubbles Scuba LLC 

Madison WI dive equipment for sale

Store and training facility located at 

630 Struck Street

Madison WI 53719 

Seasonal hours - call for appointment

If you're planning to dive locally or need quality gear for your next dive vacation, remember that we rent gear on a daily or weekly basis.   We can provide everything you need.  

dive accessories


3mm warm water & 7mm cold water 

snorkels - fins - boots

Many styles to choose from

We offer several great package deals 

Dive Lights for sale UK SL4eLED
Scuba Accessories for sale in Madison WI
Madison WI dive accessories for sale
SCUBA diving safety equipment whistle
Wetsuit for men
wetsuit for women
dive boots for sale
Fins for sale
Snorkel equipment